LFM-BS-2060L TV feature wall in Hong Kong

LFM-PT-2867 Dozza Inspire PROJECT

LFM-AT-2129 ICE Onyx thin panel Lighting box

LFM-PT-1054 Icy white onyx for feature wall in mobile door

New Feature wall by LFM-SA-1084 Volakas in Hong Kong

LFM-PT-2719 Jasmine White Translucent panel

LFM-G-1086 Exterior wall at 482 Jeff st.

LFM-SA-1084 feature wall at OPPE

Feature wall by 8mm thin lightweight panel (LFM-SA-1084)

LFM-PT-2082 Dragon Red Onyx

TV feature wall by lightweight thin panel(LFM-SA-1084 Volaka

Usage of lightweight thin translucent panel(LFM-PT-1054)

New lightweight translucent onyx (LFM-PT-2719 Jasmine White)

Feature wall / Lightweight translucent panel

The Palazzo

New 10mm(5+5)translucent onyx panels in 1200x2400mm

Cosmetics counter in shopping mall

Mayflower Cinema feature wall in Guangzhou

The Austin

TV Bench in Honk Kong

Calacatta feature wall for project in Moscow, Russia

The Arch, Hong Kong

Porotoro lightweight panel in UK

Lighting onyx feature wall in Moscow

Volakas feature wall in LOHAS Park

Shop counter top

Bar Counter in Hong Kong

Botanica Bay in Hong Kong

Commercial office in ShangHai