Aluminum honeybomb backed panel is a meterial that used for the plane's wing. It's light and strong, the super thin stone panel plus the stone's grain and the AH's light and stong. It's regarded an advanced ornamental since it used for high technology commerical building likes, JinMao building in Shanghai.

Compare with stone, it is better than original stone in weight, hardness, shock resistance, sound and heat insulation.
It is specially fit for highrise buildings, curise ships, seismic zone building, suspended ceiling, elevator hall, wall, ground etc.

Advantages of Aluminum Honeycomb backed stone thin panel:

1. Mega size: max to 1200 x 2650mm
2. Lightweight: 15-20kg/m2
3. Book-matched,
Strength & flattable
4. Thickness: 10-50mm

Book-matched feature wall