Translucent lighting onyx panels are made by onyx laminated with different backing materials likes Glass, Transparency PVC, Fiberglass. It is transparent in veins, good skin texture rhythm.

It has compact texture, good durability, clean surface, high dirtproof capability. Especially better acid-alkali resistant than other stone product:

The advantages of Translucent lighting onyx panel:

1. Mega size: 1200 x 2400mm
2. Thickness: 8-50mm (3-5mm veneer + 5-45mm backing)
3. Lightweight: 10-40kg/m2
4. Usuage: Bar counter, door pocket, background feature wall.

Mega size in 1200 x 2400 mm with 10mm thick in bookmatched style

Part of selected onyx with glass backing, more options of onyx can be provided.

LFM-SGL-1001 LFM-SGL-1003 LFM-SGL-1007
LFM-SGL-1009 LFM-SGL-1013 LFM-SGL-1016
LFM-SGL-1018 LFM-SGL-1020 LFM-SGL-1024
LFM-SGL-1041 LFM-SGL-1048 LFM-SGL-1051
LFM-SGL-1055 LFM-SGL-1061 LFM-SGL-1119
LFM-SGL-2089 LFM-SGL-2095 LFM-SGL-2740
LFM-SGL-3012 LFM-SGL-3030 LFM-SGL-3031