Mother of Pearl (MOP)

LFM-MOP-8013 Natural River Design, Mother of Pearl on mesh

LFM-MOP-8012 Honeycomb Freshwater Mother of Pearl on Mesh

LFM-MOP-8011 Herringbone Freshwater Mother of Pearl on Mesh

LFM-MOP-8024 MOP with Square mosaic chips

LFM-MOP-8011 MOP with serrated edges brick mosaic chips

LFM-MOP-8023 PAUA Mosaic with triangle pattern

LFM-MOP-8009 White lip crazy triangle crackle

LFM-MOP-8014 Pure white River Shell Mosaic mesh joint

LFM-MOP-8006 Black lip 20mm seamless square on mesh

LFM-MOP-8004 Capiz shell

LFM-MOP-8022 Raw Unfinished River Shell in Seamless Brick Pa

LFM-MOP-8021 shell mosaic on pvc 3mm backing

LFM-MOP-8017 A River Shell Mosiac, Seamless, Natural - 10x10

LFM-MOP-8018 River Shell Mosaic, 3D Raised, Natural and Whit

LFM-MOP-8020 natural white freshwater crazy crackle

LFM-MOP-8019 White lip seamless Mosaic

LFM-MOP-8016 Capiz shell herringbone pattern white color wit